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We’re a professional basement waterproofing contractor, specializing in Block Wall Repair, Poured Wall Repair, and Driveway Joint Sealing.

Block Wall Foundation Waterproofing

This type of foundation leak is repaired with our unique epoxy lining system. The wall is prepped with paint removal and mortar repair and then receives a thick coat of two-part epoxy. This forms a lining to keep moisture out.

Poured Wall Foundation Waterproofing

Urethane injection is the most common way to seal and fill any leaks in concrete foundations. We specialize in this process and use it due to its flexibility and versatility.

Concrete & Driveway Joint Sealing

This is an outside process we use Spring through Fall. Joints in sidewalks, patios, and driveways are thoroughly cleaned and then receive a polyurethane sealant to keep water intrusion out. It will help protect the concrete from cracking as well.

Brick Basement Waterproofing

On some of the older foundations the wall is constructed of masonry brick. The wall is prepped, remortared and coated with the epoxy lining system.

Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon Fiber Straps are the new age support system for reinforcement of foundation walls instead of metal beam systems used in the past.

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